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In our post “Watching and Waiting: Book Trailers and How They Help You,” we briefly talked about what book trailers are and whether or not they can help you sell your book. The general idea is that book trailers can help if they are well-made and effectively communicate what your book is about so that the viewers of your trailer (and potential readers) become excited over the book.

This time I’ve had the chance to interview Jerome McLainlead strategist of BookFrenzy Studiosthe company we featured in the article on book trailers. Jerome touches on topics from book marketing to what BookFrenzy Studios does for authors. If you’re looking for companies that could give you excellent service in this regard, BookFrenzy is definitely worth checking out. Why? Jerome McLain explains it himself, of course, in my brief – but informative – interview with him.

Let’s introduce the company first. BookFrenzy Studios is the first video and e-mail marketing agency specifically for authors, and are dedicated to helping authors themselves – both traditionally-published and self-published – work on marketing and technical matters for building author platforms. They also provide free and helpful tools and tips for authors on their website. Sound good? Alright, without further ado, here’s the interview with Mr. Jerome McLain.

CreativInfluence: What do you think is the best and the most difficult aspects are of book marketing in our modern times, when just about everyone is connected to the Internet and we have free access to a vast number of websites and resources?

Mr. Jerome McLain: Marketing your book in these modern times is much easier now than just 5 years ago. Not only can authors use traditional publishing distribution channels such as brick & mortar book stores, they also use the internet as a distribution channel through popular bookseller sites as well as their own websites. What makes book marketing difficult is you have to really understand your market (i.e readers that are purchasing in your genre) and you have to know how to connect with them and earn their trust. When you approach marketing your book from this perspective, its easier to identify what works and what doesn’t in your marketing efforts.

C: What is/are the book marketing service/s that your company offers to writers, and what led you into doing this kind of service?

J: At BookFrenzy Studios, we focus on creating cinematic book trailers that can be used to effectively promote a book and generate interest. What makes us different is that we are able to do this at great price points without sacrificing quality. We also help authors build their email lists, brand their social pages and create video promos for social media.

C:  How have your services helped authors before?

J: One of the most popular uses for our trailers is using them as pitch tools when reaching out to the media and booking appearances. I think every author gets asked what their book is about. Now its easier than ever to pull it up on their phone and show them!

C: What is the best book marketing advice that you can give to authors?

J: The best advice for book marketing I can give is to build your email list. This is the greatest asset that every author should be growing on an ongoing basis. If Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all went away tomorrow, so would your audience if you solely depended on those platforms for engagement. But if you have an email list, you own it and those relationships. An email list is an attentive audience where you can build relationships and ultimately trust. We all know when people trust you, they buy books.

That’s it! Thanks Mr. Jerome for the answers. If you guys want to check out what BookFrenzy Studios can do for you, or if you want to, just head on over to their website or send them a question

Do you guys know book marketing companies, or are you a book marketing agency and would want to reach out and communicate to our readers? Let us know in the comments, or message us on Twitter @creativwriters!


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