By Chance Creatives: Which One Are You?

Inside of us is a kind of hunger that can only be sated by expressing things that no longer wish to dwell in our heads. This is our creative nature. It is like a volcano. It may become dormant for some time, but when it‘s ready to erupt, there’s no stopping it. There is actually more than one cause of volcanic eruption, and like it, there are many reasons that motivate people to be creative.


The product of creativity by pure chance is often more exhilarating for most people because it is something that they are able to accomplish unexpectedly. There is an element of surprise even for the one creating himself, unlike outputs resulting from hours or days of planning, where there’s even a possibility of losing the motivation.


Here’s a list of the kinds of people who are able to express creativity under certain circumstances or temporary states of mind. Perhaps you can relate with any one of them.


  • The “everything is falling into place” creative

You just got hired or promoted, bought a new house, won an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe, and all the other good stuff. Although it’s hard to believe that some people actually have this kind of luck, this is possible. What’s unlikely is that you may be too overwhelmed about the series of fortunate events that you wouldn’t actually have time to sit yourself down do something creative. But as I’ve said, we are naturally artistic, so the state of elation might just get you into innovating.

  • The “happy tummy” creative

Your workspace looks like a McDonald’s VIP corner. That one must eat well before working is not good enough for you. You actually eat WHILE you work. For you, having no food while working is like a driver racing in a car without wheels.

  • The “Batman and Robin” creative

You are skilled and have all the resources, but you constantly need your sidekick to be around. You want to make sure someone gives you a second opinion in real time. You work well when collaborating with someone who is very open to your ideas, but also someone who wouldn’t hesitate to disagree with you when he has a better concept.

  • The “In a relationship” creative

You can’t stop reading and writing romantic compositions. When you have to help out with prepping a venue for an event, you feel the need to fill the place with flowers and hearts, and it’s not even Valentine’s Day.

  • The “It’s complicated” creative

You’re really single. You just want to pretend that your life is a little more interesting than it actually is. But because you want to solicit attention, you create things that are rather intriguing. They seem pretty convincing, but in truth are only a product of your wishful thinking.

  • The “far from sober” creative

Your friends practically worship you, that is, whenever you suddenly turn into an overconfident public speaker during your occasional drinking sessions. What’s funny is that you are surprisingly eloquent, given that your mind is somewhere between logical and senseless. You normally couldn’t draw, not even a perfect circle or stick figures, but you’re shocked to find a graffiti on your wall when you wake up the next day.

  • The “everything is falling apart” creative

You are in a dark moment in your life. You just ended your relationship, you got fired, lost something really valuable, and on top of that, have a falling out with someone close to you. Some beautiful things come from the darkest of places. This is how you are. You wallow in the shadows, but you always end up converting pain into masterpieces.


You need to create space for your creative process to thrive rather than expect it to operate in the cracks of your frenetic schedule.” – Todd Henry


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