Plan Your Life Creatively

No one is born boring. A blank canvas, that’s what we are when we first came into this world. The first group of people we encounter are responsible for drafting out what kind of life we would be living, and slowly shape what kind of individuals will become of us.


How creative you are is not limited to the in-your-face artistic pieces that you are capable of making. It’s also not exclusive to the appreciation and collection of pieces of art which aren’t your own creations. There is no single defining thing that determines a person’s creativity, not even through the comparison of oneself with peers based on specific criteria. Especially not that. Life is what you make of it. You’ve probably heard this from people a couple of times. You’ve probably uttered the words yourself. By simply choosing to make a plan of how your life is going to happen, you can have the power to live a very colorful one.


Make bold decisions. Don’t just stand in the corner and watch everyone else settle for a black and white world. Be open to the idea that you may be that catalyst that can lead a whole generation of creativities.  If you think you can do something about the lack of color in your life, do something about it and do it in a way that inspires others to do the same when they see it, or motivate them to create something good in a different way.


Some people are discontented about the way their lives are turning out.  Many wish that they could turn back time. You don’t have to instantly conclude that you are facing a crisis. A creative mind would look for ways to salvage what is, rather than regret and wish for a second chance at what was. Second chances seldom come. You add going back in time to the table, and seldom becomes never. You might as well do with what’s left of your unwise decisions.


If you want a meaningful life, there’s only one way to do it. Plan. And do not just plan for the things to come, be a creative planner. Envision something beyond the possible. The idea is to set out specific goals, map out specific steps to be taken in order to reach those goals, put in a little time pressure to hopefully fight procrastination, and have a backup plan for when those steps turn out to be flawed.


Let me give you a clear example of what kind of plan you should be making. A checklist is easier to go by, and also leaves room for you to make changes along the way if you feel the need for any. Below is a list of things that I personally think are creative ways to intend for the outcome of life. Give it a playful title to make sure you always find it enjoyable to review.



  • Examine myself. What are my wants and needs?
  • Explore talents and skills. Hone them.
  • Execute what I’ve always intended to do with my gifts.
  • Extract people from my life who hinder my success.
  • Expect the unexpected. If at one area I’m not showing much progress, develop a new skill.
  • Extend. Find people who will most likely appreciate and help put my talents to good use.
  • Exit with grace. Leave them in awe when I leave the scene.


Life truly is what you make of it. It is the sum of the concurrence of your failed and successful creations alike.


Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem

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