Tired of Creativity? Here are 5 Inspirations to Help Rekindle the Love


There is an artist in all of us. Some people just need to find the right inspiration; that spur of the moment kind that one just can’t let another second go by without acting on it. There are those who are self-confessed artists who know for sure that they are capable of creating a masterpiece without having to wait for inspiration or pick a muse. Unfortunately, even artists who are the most confident about their talent or skills lose productivity when they lose their drive. It’s a sad truth that even the most creative of beings can give up on creating because they have been idle for so long, they forget the reason why they loved what they used to do.


Here are a few things that can inspire you and help regain your passion to create:


  1. Spoil yourself. Of course! The old saying about finding love within yourself first before you can truly share it to others is a fail-safe move. Sometimes, it’s not just because you don’t love yourself enough. Possibly, you have just worn yourself out because you didn’t take time to relax or get something for yourself to help achieve that euphoric state where you think nothing is impossible. So go ahead, go to the spa, the mall, or even just go order stuff over the internet. You will be surprised at how much contentment can contribute to your creativity.


  1. Reconnect with a friend or a relative that you have not seen or spoken to in years. Well maybe not in years, but in a really long time. Why does this help? Whether we like it or not, others have an effect on us. Many introverts just need the right company to make them come out of their shell. For the sake of art, it is best to spend time with people who make you happy and remember why life is fun. There are experiences you may have forgotten that only they can bring up.


  1. Travel. We have got to admit, we all want this. Some travel to simply witness the beauty of a place. Some travel to have a change of environment. Some travel to find peace or their bigger purpose. Some travel for the excitement in the journey. Whatever the reason, travelling always seems to make art happen. It just comes naturally; whether you make a scrapbook out of the pictures you have taken, start a travel journal, write a book or a song about the places you have been to and the people you have met. The possibilities are endless, not to mention the variety of the destinations and cultures.


  1. Take time to appreciate the works of others. Competition is without a doubt healthy. Maybe it is the lack of it that made you lose your drive in the first place. The trick is, you admit to yourself that someone else has done a magnificent piece of art, but that you are capable of the same or even better. There is another way to get inspired from witnessing the wonders that others have made. Try to find artists from different art forms and interpret their work into that of yours.


  1. Forgive and accept the pain that others have caused you. They say the best ballads ever written were those written out of heartbreak. Well, yes, but you don’t necessarily have to experience it first-hand, nor recently for those who did. One way of coping with pain or hardships is telling its story over and over until the feelings are gone and it becomes a testimony of how you conquered it. Someone somewhere shares your sentiment or have gone through an experience parallel to your story. You don’t need the whole world to praise your work to know that you have created something great.


What drives you does not have to come from a planned or an intended experience, just make sure you get some experience, and inspiration will just smack you right across the face. Hard.


Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.” – Neil Gaiman



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